3 Tips To Protect Your Commercial Ice Machine

No restaurant would be complete without a commercial ice machine. Unfortunately, ice machines can be temperamental if they aren't given the attention and care they require.

You must be proactive in maintaining your ice machine if you want to ensure your customers will have fresh, clean ice cubes in their drinks.

Here are three tips that you can use to protect your commercial ice machine and keep it running efficiently over time.

1. Choose the Right Location

Most commercial kitchen equipment can be placed anywhere within a kitchen space. This isn't the case for an ice maker. If you want to extend the service life of your ice machine, you must choose the right location to install this vital piece of equipment.

The ideal location would be in a temperature-controlled space. A constant temperature will prevent the ice machine from overheating as a result of rising ambient temperatures.

You should also ensure that the location you select will offer plenty of airspace around the ice machine. Adequate airflow and ventilation are required to keep any commercial ice machine functioning properly.

2. Invest in Professional Installation

When it comes to installing a commercial ice machine, it pays to invest in professional help.

A factory-certified installation expert can help you evaluate your commercial kitchen and identify the right spot for your ice machine. The technician can effectively install the ice machine and ensure that it is running properly.

If your commercial kitchen doesn't allow for adequate ventilation due to space restrictions, the installation expert can recommend add-on accessories that will help compensate for poor ventilation.

Your ice machine will have the best possible chance of performing efficiently and lasting for a long time when it has been installed by a professional.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

You shouldn't wait until your ice machine malfunctions to have a technician take a look at its mechanical components.

Any repairs that are needed can be completed during these routine maintenance appointments. By catching problems early, routine maintenance can help reduce your repair bill and prevent a total shutdown of your commercial ice machine.

Routine maintenance and cleanings can not only prevent major malfunctions, but they can also ensure that your ice machine is running at full capacity. This enhances productivity and helps to minimize your energy costs over time.

Take the time to care for your commercial ice machine, and it will continue to help you keep your customers refreshed well into the future.

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