Need A Skid Steer Loader? 4 Important Things To Think About

A skid is a versicle piece of equipment you can use to achieve many objectives on a construction site. They are easy to move around and can really add to the productivity at your job site.

Thing #1: Size

If you need to rent a skid steer, you are going to want to consider what size of machine you need. Various models have different operating capacities, impacting what you can do with the machine and how much you can lift with it. Different size models also have different horsepower, which impacts how quickly you can take on tasks.

You need to know how fast you want to complete tasks and what type of carrying capacity you need to choose the right size skid steer for your needs.

Thing #2: Hydraulic Capacity

Next, you should consider the hydraulic capacity of the machine, which is different from its carrying capacity. The hydraulic capacity is related to what size and type of hydraulic attachments you can use with the machine.

You will want to sit down and think about all of the attachments that you want to use, as well as the capacity requirements for those attachments, and ensure the unit you rent is strong enough to handle those attachments.

Thing #3: Attachment Rental

Now that you have a list of the attachments you want to rent, you are going to want to ensure the rental company you want to work with can provide you with all of the attachments you need or can suggest multi-use attachments that will fit all of the jobs you want to take on with the skid steer. Being able to get the right attachments is crucial for getting the work done.

Thing #4: Rental Period

Finally, you need to think about when you need to rent the equipment. Will you need it throughout the entire project? Or will you just need it for a few days? How long you need the equipment can impact your rental fees and deals you can get on the equipment.

When it comes to renting a gas skid to assist you with projects at your construction job, be sure to take into consideration what carrying capacity, hydraulic capacity, and horsepower you need to get the work done effectively. You will want to look for a rental company that can provide you with the skid steer and attachments you need at a fair and reasonable rate. Thinking about all of these things will allow you to rent the right equipment for your needs. 

To learn more about skid rentals, contact a company like Fuzion Bi-Fuel Inc.

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